Peltier Station Viognier

Peltier Station Viognier

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As one would expect from well made Viognier, Peltier Station’s 2009 Lodi Viognier walks the line between feminine elegance and sinuous muscularity. Fragrant with the scents of ripe summer fruits, (apricot, apple, and pear mostly), the 2009 Peltier Station Viognier leads with its feminine side. It is not until the wine reaches the mouth that this Viognier reveals its masculine side. On the palate is where it offers up considerable flavor and flexes its muscles. Yet, it never comes across as hot or clumsy, in spite of carrying 14.8% alcohol by volume. To the contrary, Peltier Station’s 2009 Viognier comports itself well, never losing its inherent grace and charm. For maximum enjoyment, we suggest serving this delicious Viognier at no more than 40º-45º F. Enjoy!

California, 2009, 750mL

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