Malma Pinot Noir

Malma Pinot Noir

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The “Mapuches” are an ancient indigenous tribe of Patagonia. In their language, ‘Malma’ translates to ‘pride’. We decided to call this first generation of Malma wines “Finca La Papay”, in honor of a visionary woman who, early in the 20th century, chose Patagonia as her promised land to fulfill her dreams of family and prosperity.

The climate is comprised of intense winds, and a desert terrain. This adds a layer of complexity whilst the fresh fruitiness of the wines is maintained and their unique Patagonian personality preserved.

Red berries such as strawberries and ripe plums characterize the nose of this Pinot Noir. Fruity on the palate with a spicy and vanilla touch imparted by slight oak aging. Soft and elegant wine.

Argentina, 2013, 750mL

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